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Dr. Kenneth Koch has been in practice for 27 years. He became interested in Chiropractics because of the benefits he received while in his youth. Read more...

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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain in Milwaukee

Neck pain is a common issue among Milwaukee patients. While many try taking aspirin, analgesics and other pain pills for relief, they are unable to treat the cause of their neck pain and allow the pain to endure for a longer period of time. Dr. Koch is an experienced Milwaukee Chiropractor who provides long-term neck pain relief for patients throughout Milwaukee County. 

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Dr. Koch evaluates the underlying cause of your neck pain to provide the most effective chiropractic treatment. After understanding the full background of your situation, Dr. Koch conducts thorough chiropractic physical examinations to ensure you have proper spinal curve, your nerve openings are not restricted, your shoulders are level and your head is balanced. Gentle and appropriate adjustments are done using spinal decompression therapy to improve the overall position of your spinal vertebrae and treat your neck pain. 

Causes of Neck Pain

Your neck is made up of vertebrae, cervical discs, and ligaments which extend from your skull to the start of your torso. These discs and vertebrae support your head, allowing you to move. If these vertebrae or discs become inflamed or injured, it can result in chronic neck pain and stiffness.

Sleeping in an awkward position is a common cause of neck pain - especially left side neck pain. Other causes of neck pain include poor posture and whiplash due to a car accident or contact sport. Any time the muscles or ligaments of your neck are forced to move outside their normal range of motion, it causes discomfort.

If you are tackled or pushed and your head gets knocked to the side, you can suffer from a burner or stinger injury. A jolt of pain, which often feels like a shock, reaches from your shoulder down your arm. This is a sign your brachial plexus could be injured. Over 60% of football players report having this type of injury. Do not wait until your pain becomes chronic, schedule an appoint with Koch Chiropractic in Milwaukee and get the neck pain treatment you need.  

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief 

A study was published in the January 3rd, 2012 issue of the Anexanals of Internal Medicine stating spinal manipulation and chiropractic care is more effective than pain medications in both short and long-term cases of neck pain. During this study, a total of 272 subjects were split into three groups and followed for approximately three months, and then again followed up with after one year. One group was told to visit a chiropractor for 20-minute sessions throughout the course of the study. The second group was told to take common pain medications such as acetaminophen or, in some cases due to doctor discretion, narcotics and muscle relaxers. And the last group visited a physical therapist on two occasions who instructed them on at-home neck exercises and encouraged patients to do 5-10 repetitions up to 8 times daily.

After 12 weeks, approximately 57% of those in the chiropractic care group had reported up to 75% pain relief results versus only 33% indicating positive results in the medication group. When revisited a year later, 53% of the patients who received spinal manipulation still maintained at least a 75% reduction in pain; whereas those in the pain medication group were only able to report approximately 38% pain relief.

Don’t just mask the problem; get real solutions and results with Milwaukee Chiropractic Care for neck pain treatment.

Koch Chiropractic Offers Affordable Neck Pain Treatment in Milwaukee County

No matter what caused your neck pain, Dr. Koch is dedicated to finding and treating the source of your pain to ensure a long-lasting solution. Living with long-term or chronic neck pain is difficult, which is why Koch Chiropractic offers affordable treatment compatible with most insurance providers, including:

Don't have insurance? Koch Chiropractic works with you to develop flexible payment plans for no insurance chiropractor visits near Milwaukee. Additionally, we offer a variety of payment options, making it easier for you to receive the chiropractic treatment you need to eliminate your neck pain. Contact our neck pain professionals at Koch Chiropractic today to discuss treatment and payment options.

Tell us what hurts... call Koch Chiropractic at 414.483.1060 to schedule your Chiropractic appointment for neck pain today and take the first step towards successful pain relief.