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Dr. Koch

Dr. Kenneth Koch has been in practice for 27 years. He became interested in Chiropractics because of the benefits he received while in his youth. Read more...

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Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic in Cudahy?

Dr. Koch is dedicated to providing affordable chiropractic care for patients in Cudahy and across Milwaukee County. His effective back pain treatments and range of chiropractic adjustments help eliminate your pain and improve your quality of life as quickly as possible. Don't continue living with back or neck pain. Get the chiropractic care you need -- covered by your insurance plan.

Koch Chiropractic currently accepts most major Wisconsin state and private insurance plans, including:

Our Cudahychiropractic clinic works with you to order to create an individualized payment plan that works for you.  Even if you have no insurance, you can still receive chiropractic care. Koch Chiropractic also works with Workers Compensation and personal injury cases. Have questions about insurance coverage of our chiropractic care? Give us a call and check in with your current insurance provider.

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Chiropractic Insurance Coverage in Milwaukee

Cudahy Chiropractor Approved for Medicaid Insurance Coverage

Need a chiropractor in Milwaukee County who is approved and accepts Medicaid/BadgerCare? Koch Chiropractic accepts many Wisconsin insurance plans to keep your chiropractic treatment affordable.

Only approximately 40% of all chiropractors in the State of Wisconsin are approved for Medicaid and BadgerCare coverage. Dr. Koch has been among the approved providers since 2006. We’ve heard patients say they’ve called numerous chiropractors before who claimed to accept BadgerCare on their websites only to find out they really do not. We are NOT one of those Milwaukee Chiropractors. We tell you we are approved and accept Medicaid and BadgerCare, and we really do. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up today!

Contact Koch Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment and get pain relief.


BadgerCare Plus Coverage Chiropractor in Cudahy

As of 2008, BadgerCare Plus was introduced making chiropractic services more accessible to Wisconsin citizens. Dr. Koch has always been a supporter of offering his chiropractor care to improve the health of as many people as possible.  Since the combination of family Medicaid, BadgerCare, and Healthy Start, Dr. Koch is able to serve more people according to BadgerCare Plus Information for Providers update no. 2007-90: 

We work with BadgerCare Plus members to maximize their coverage and help submit insurance paperwork to make your chiropractor visit with Dr. Koch as smooth as possible. 

Insurance for Chiropractic in Milwaukee

Approved No Insurance Cudahy Chiropractor 

Don’t have insurance or your insurance covers very little when it comes to Cudahy chiropractic services? Don’t worry, Dr. Koch still cares. We try our best to be affordable to those with little or no Chiropractic insurance coverage. Dr. Koch cares about everyone’s comfort and well-being. It’s not just a paycheck, it’s a passion. Dr. Koch wants everyone to be able to experience the relief successful Chiropractic services can provide. Just talk to us about your situation and we will go over our affordable prices with you and gladly work with you to arrange a flexible payment plan.

“..He is the most inexpensive adjustment I have ever had! This is a blessing since I do not have health insurance and suffer chronic neck pain from a bad car accident years ago...”- one of our many satisfied customers.

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Cudahy Chiropractor offers Natural Pain Relief Options

Chiropractic medicine can often be an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief.  It is a completely natural, non-narcotic way to eliminate or reduce pain, and most of Dr. Koch’s services are even covered under a large selection of popular insurance plans.  We assist you in finding the many loopholes, available programs, and proven methods that can help you get maximum insurance coverage for your chiropractic sessions with Dr. Koch.  We may be able to help you get all or partial coverage to help you deal with your debilitating:

We will find a way to work with you, so don’t let cost discourage from getting in contact with us!  We want to be able to assist you with your pain in any way possible, and our staff will see to it that you find a way to get the care that you deserve.

Tell us what hurts... call 414.483.1060 to schedule your Chiropractic appointment today and take the first step towards successful pain relief.