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Dr. Kenneth Koch has been in practice for 27 years. He became interested in Chiropractics because of the benefits he received while in his youth. Read more...


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Chiropractic Treatment for Upper Back Pain in Milwaukee

Upper back pain often times goes hand in hand with neck issues. Many of the muscles associated with the neck are either located in or attached to the upper back such as the trapezius, cervical paraspinal muscles, the scalenes and the levator scapulae among others. These muscles can be affected by a variety of factors which can cause pain in your upper back and neck. To discover and treat the underlying issue, your best bet is to seek the help of a qualified upper back pain chiropractor. Dr. Koch is an experienced Milwaukee chiropractor who will perform a thorough chiropractic physical examination and provide the proper adjustments to relieve your pain. Treatments we offer include upper back adjustmentsback massage therapy, and spinal decompression therapy.


Causes of Upper Back Pain

Common causes of upper back and neck pain can be:

Poor posture is the most common cause of upper back pain. Other lifestyle factors such as exercising with poor posture or not exercising at all, lifting heavy objects and arthritis can all lead to pain in your upper back.

Milwaukee Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Pain Associated with Poor Posture

Posture is an issue for many people. This can be especially true if you work in an office setting where you sit for long periods of time, or a factory floor or mechanical garage where you are always hunched over while working. Once your body slumps into a learned bad posture position, it is hard to retrain yourself to sit or stand correctly. The basic rule of thumb for good posture is to keep your neck in a neutral position as often as possible and keep your back well supported and not strained. Correcting posture and upper back pain can be difficult to do on your own.

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Koch, he will perform gentle adjustments to help realign your spine and correct your posture issues to relieve upper back and neck pain. For many patients, Milwaukee chiropractic treatments have proven beneficial. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Upper Back Pain Caused by Athletic Injuries

There are a number of different causes for upper back pain. Most often, muscular injury or joint inflammation is the culprit. When exercising or participating in vigorous activities, muscular injury most commonly occurs in the muscles surrounding the shoulder.

Shoulders have a number of strong muscles to support the fragile glenohumeral joint, which allows you a wide degree of movement. These muscles also cover your upper back. Since your shoulder is one of the most used parts of the body, it’s prone to injury which causes upper back pain.

Many athletes often suffer from upper back pain, due to overuse of their muscles and not allowing enough time between activities for recovery. Koch Chiropractic can relieve upper back pain caused by sports injuries.  As an avid athlete himself, Dr. Koch is adept at providing treatment and chiropractic adjustment for athletes. Additionally, he is happy to share his tips for correct posture when exercising to help you prevent future injuries. 

High Quality Back Pain Treatment at Low Costs

At Koch Chiropractic, we are dedicated to providing high quality chiropractic treatment to you at affordable costs. Don't continue to suffer from back pain due to treatment costs. We offer a variety of payment options compatible with most insurance providers, including:

Even if you have no insurance, Koch Chiropractic works with you to develop a flexible plan to help you get the chiropractic treatment you need to fix your upper back pain. To learn more about our payment plans and discuss affordable treatment options, contact Koch Chiropractic today.

Koch chiropractic provides upper back pain relief throughout Southeast Wisconsin, including: TippecanoeSt. FrancisBay ViewOak CreekMilwaukeeCudahyGreendaleWauwatosa, & Greenfield.

Schedule your upper back pain chiropractic appointment today and take the first step towards successful pain relief.