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Dr. Kenneth Koch has been in practice for 27 years. He became interested in Chiropractics because of the benefits he received while in his youth. Read more...

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Dr. Koch Treats Your Running Injuries

Koch Chiropractic in Milwaukee expertly treats running injuriesKoch Chiropractic: Running Marathons and Healing Pain

Koch Chiropractic is your Milwaukee chiropractor for running injuries. Dr. Kenneth Koch is an experienced marathon runner- he understands the types of chronic pain and injuries that come with an active lifestyle. This understanding of running pain informs his chiropractic treatments, helping him deliver the most effective, understanding and personalized chiropractic care for runners.

Below are Dr. Koch's thoughts about long distance running, including marathon running and nature runs:


Imagine filling out a questionnaire for a dating service.  In this questionnaire you are asked to describe the type of relationship you would like. There are choices like casual, intense, slow and steady, noncommittal, etc.  If you are thinking about getting into running and someone asked what kind of relationship you would like, the most appropriate would be the love – hate relationship.  Having been a runner for a number of years, I know I’m not the only one in this sport with this kind of relationship.  

I’ve seen it many times, most recently with my wife.  She started running several years ago running primarily 5K’s, but now was ready to extend the course a bit.   She really wanted to try a half marathon.  So over the course of about a half of year she started increasing her distances.  I remember how excited she was when she finally signed up for a half marathon.  I decided to run this event also.  I was scheduled for a marathon in 3 weeks and I wanted to get a long run in so I told her I would finish and run back to where she was and we could finish together.  I figured she would need the encouragement.  When I met up with her I saw the classic love hate relationship unfold before my eyes.  This person who was so excited a month before when she signed up for this event just kept on repeating the phrase “this is so stupid, why am I doing this”,  with an occasional “I never will do this again”  and “I don’t think I can make another mile,” thrown in her repeating vocabulary.  

About two blocks away she was able to see the finish line and characteristically quieted down, sped up and finished with a look of determination.  Then about 2 -3 minutes later, after catching her breath, she looked at me and said “that was awesome!”  I’ll tell you right now you’re going to run into a lot of manic-depressive people running.  Not only will there be literally a lot of hills and valleys, but figuratively also.  There will be some aches and pains, some nagging ones, most not serious.  There will be times when it takes everything you have to get motivated to go out and run.  There will also be times when it’s almost magical, like getting a personal best on a race or simply out running on a beautiful fall morning.

I have always wondered why I get so much enjoyment sitting in front of a fireplace. I know for thousands of years it was a way to cook, keep warm and to ward off animals.  My stove and furnace take care of the first two quite well but I have no desire to pull up a chair and sit in front of them.  I believe this security and comfort is bred into us over several millennia.  I think the same is true with running.  It is how people survived, traveled, escaped danger and even played.  There is a sense of freedom that little else can match. So, go out and run, have fun and every once in awhile put your foot on the accelerator to see what you’ve got under the hood.

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